Mount Mae-Hotaka



⁣上高地までは車とシャトルバスで1時間あれば着きます。早朝の朝霧に包まれた大正池などもおススメ。乗鞍高原から上高地行きのバスもありますよ!公共交通で来られるなら、お得な切符、上高地・乗鞍・松本2デーパスポートというチケットもあります(さらに1日追加で3日間にもできます) → @alpicogroup ⁣


Good evening!
It’s Yuma from the ASOBU Yakusoku team!

I just had to get our for a day by myself before the busy Japanese holiday called Obon comes. I climbed Mae Hotakadake.
Lots of people use Norikura Kogen as a base to take day trips to Kamikochi as it’s easy to access and a nice place to return to after a day in the mountains.

You can get to Kamikochi in about an hour by car or shuttle bus. I recommend starting your hike from Taisho Pond, the early morning mist is awesome. You can also take a bus from Norikura Kogen to Kamikochi!
And you can also ride your bicycle to Kamikochi if you have the energy.
If you are like me and love the mountains, you can go on a day trip to Yakedake (5 to 6 hours round-trip from Kamikochi) or Maeho Takadake (for those with good legs and alpine hiking skills). How about enjoying the Chūbu-Sangaku National Park in Kamikochi as well as Norikura Kogen this climbing season from summer to autumn?