About ASOBU Yakusoku




そこで私たちは「 #遊ぶやくそく 」という言葉を合言葉に、定期的に集まって色々な”遊び”をしながら乗鞍高原の取材をしていきます。乗鞍の自然はもちろん、時には人に・宿に・温泉に・お店にもフォーカスしていく予定です。


遊ぶやくそく メンバー 一同

About ASOBU Yakusoku – “A Promise to Play”

Hello everyone.
We hope you have been enjoying photos from Norikura Kogen and the surrounding area.

Starting this month, a new promotion team will start sharing photos and stories about the beautiful nature, activities, and attractions from a locals perspective.
The new team is made up of seven people, some were born here, others relocated here from other parts of Japan and one moved across an ocean to live here. We will highlight must-visit locations, talk about what’s fun to do here from each member’s unique perspective.

We are calling this project “ASOBU YAKUSOKU” which means “promise to play” in Japanese. As we get out an enjoy playing in the Japanese Alps we will focus on community, onsen, nature, accommodations, and local shops.

From today we will start to introduce the 7 team members. They are Seth, Yuma, Azumi, Kenny, Koei, Mitsuru, and Yushi. We hope you will enjoy our stories and photos.